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28th February 2014

After a dearth of routes being produced by myself in 2013, this year has got off to a great start with two being released for Trainz TS12 in quick succession.

The first is "Hallgarth and Fiddlers Yard", a small narrow gauge line in the "Model Railroadz" style, a new craze currently sweeping the Trainz world. It's on the DLS and either search by name or KUID which is: 30024:100025 .

Hot on the heels of that is a more prototype based route - "Chmura Forest". This is a loose adaptation of a narrow gauge line in Eastern Europe (Slovakia) but rebuilt as Russian broad gauge to utilise the assets available in Trainz. KUID for this one is: 30024:100115 .

Both routes use built in assets or assets from the DLS. Note that Hallgarth was built in TS12 version 49922 whereas Chmura was built in the latest version 61388, which I figure is the best means to futureproof forward compatability into T:ANE.

25th December 2013

Decided to give the front page a spring clean and all the old news has now been archived.

Happy Christmas to all site visitors and hope Santa brought you plenty of train sim goodies for the stocking, or these days the digital download stocking... :)

13th December 2013 (Friday the 13th!!)

A few snippets of news. First up is that have announced the company will now be known as Dovetail Games. In addition to further developing their train simulator franchise, they are also looking to expand into other simulation genres. Goodie gum drops. Further information here.

In other news, N3V have now passed theitr initial Kickstarter figure of AUS$165,000 to fund the next version of Trainz. Of course that is still subject to withdrawn or defaulted pledges but hopefully means N3V can now put our money to work where their mouth is and demonstrate they can build a worthy successor rather than another sticking plaster exercise.

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